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About us

We specialize in Shutdowns and Turnarounds for the petrochemical Industry, mainly Column and Tower-Field-Services, worldwide and especially all across Europe.  We are involved in several major projects and have strengthened and raised our market position in the past years substantially, as we have supplied most of the major companies, with highly skilled and experienced Human Resources.


Recently we have been involved in several large projects. Just to name a few: Essar Oil UK Ltd. Cheshire, Valero Pembroke refinery, Shell Pernis Rotterdam, Shell Godorf, Shell Moerdijk, Lanxess Antwerpen, Evonik Marl.


We specialize in the removal and Installation of various types of mass transfer equipment.  Including but not limited to trays, packing, demisters, spading-de-spading, complete column internal modifications, demolition, all kinds of external and internal Column works.  Construction of Pipe-Networks and Steel-Constructions, the list goes on.

Please contact us for more information on the services and equipment supply that Carreira are able to provide.